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What We Do

Archived Projects

MCSAP is proud to be part of these legacy projects:

Dose of Reality Thursday Night Lights Football Game Outreach: MCSAP members provided information and resources to attendees of local high school football games. Weekly games were aired on CW18/My24, along with Dose of Reality messaging.

Holiday-Themed PSA: In its holiday-themed public service announcement, MCSAP urged viewers to look out for one another this holiday season. The PSA notes, “During the holiday season, there is an increase in drug use, alcohol use, and overdoses. Maybe the best gift you can give someone is support.”

One Choice PSA: This PSA featuring MCSAP members reminds viewers they have one choice to protect their family and community by safely disposing of their medication.

Just Like You: This campaign encouraged parents to talk about marijuana with their kids and to pledge to never smoke weed around them.

Let’s Be Blunt: This youth-led campaign used artwork created at annual Youth Summits to inspire youth to lead weed-free lives.

My New Friends: This youth-created video  encouraged young people to choose their friends wisely—“friends” being party drugs that seem tempting but are dangerous. A discussion guide and resources are also part of the campaign.

Small Talks: MCSAP and partners share materials from the state of Wisconsin Department of Health Services’ Small Talks campaign to prevent underage drinking.

Talk, They Hear You: MCSAP members distributed these materials encouraging parents and caregivers to have regular conversations about substance abuse, coping mechanisms, and life skills.