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About Us


MCSAP’s 2021 Chair is Aaron Lipski, Milwaukee Fire Department Chief.

The coalition is governed by four sub-committees, which are led by these members:

  • Executive Committee—Comprised of chairs and co-chairs of committees, plus MCSAP staff
  • Data and Evaluation Committee—Chair: Nicole Fumo
  • Prescription Drug Prevention Workgroup—Chair: Rachael Cooper, Co-Chair: Alicia Malinger
  • Multidrug Workgroup—Chair: Jody Rhodes, Co-Chair Raymond Rivera

All MCSAP meetings are open to the public and any interested stakeholders.

Coalition members are strongly encouraged to participate in at least one sub-committee, although sub-committee membership may also include individuals who are not voting members of the coalition but bring forth important expertise and perspective. Additionally, there may be occasions when it is necessary to form ad-hoc committees, which will be time-limited (generally no longer than one year), to address a specific need.

If you are interested in MCSAP membership and/or participating in a MCSAP committee, please contact MCSAP Coordinator Alex Kohn.